Cursed’s Latest Trailer Spotlights the Boy Who Could Be King and a Magic Sword

Cursed’s Latest Trailer Spotlights the Boy Who Could Be King and a Magic Sword
Devon Terrell as Arthur. (Image: Netflix)

In a young Arthur is still around, and in the series’ latest trailer we see the first hints at how how powerful the bond between the two heroes is going to be.

Rather than revolving around Arthur or even Nimue’s journey to becoming the one true ruler capable of restoring peace to the land, Cursed’s story is centrally focused on the ongoing war between mortals and fey folk that will determine the ultimate fate of magic for the world. Both Nimue and Arthur know that bringing Excalibur to the wizard Merlin is the only way that they can accomplish their goal, and in the new trailer it appears as if they’re going to do the sensible thing and team up to keep one another safe.

Interestingly the trailer also provides a few glimpses of Excalibur’s magical properties, aside from the fact that the runes it’s inscribed with glow. While concentrating, Nimue seems able to use the sword to manipulate the weather and greenery of the forest with her mind as her veins themselves begin to resemble roots. At the same time, however, another character makes mention of the sword being cursed, implying that for all the power Excalibur imbues its wielder with, the magic comes at a terrible cost.

Cursed’s First Trailer Is a Waterlogged Arthurian Bloodbath

Even though reimaginings of Arthurian legends almost always centrally focus on a lake of some sort, Netflix’s new trailer for its adaptation of Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s Cursed demonstrates that these stories are still very much seen as an endless well for action-packed stories about war, magic, and revolution.

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Cursed hits Netflix on July 17.