Back to the Future Meets Transformers In the Most Gigawattin’ Toy of the Week

Back to the Future Meets Transformers In the Most Gigawattin’ Toy of the Week
Photo: Gizmodo

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, Gizmodo’s regular roundup of the latest and greatest in bits of plastic rapidly draining your bank account. This week: Hot Toys swings in with yet another variant Spider-Man, The Mandalorian‘s little green star gets some unconventional merch, and Final Fantasy legend Testuya Nomura gets his hands on the Avengers. Check it out!

Photo: Hasbro Photo: Hasbro

Hasbro Transformers Back to the Future Gigawatt DeLorean

Hasbro has been leaning heavily on the Ghostbusters franchise for its Transformers SDCC exclusives in recent years, with Ectotron and a ghost-hunting version of Optimus Prime. But for Back to the Future’s 35th anniversary, fans are getting the first time-travelling robot called Gigawatt that transforms into the now iconic upgraded DeLorean. Standing 5.5 inches tall in robot mode, Gigawatt switches forms in 17 transforming steps, and includes a blaster, a whip antenna, wheels that convert to hover mode, and a flux capacitor with time circuits revealed on his chest. It’s available for pre-order now at in a limited run of 1,985 pieces, while a second more widely available version arrives on October 1.

Hot Toys Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit Sixth-Scale Figure

The age of Hot Toys producing endless Iron Man figures is over, apparently, because we’re now in the age of Hot Toys producing endless Spider-Man PS4 costume variants. This time, it’s the Playstation game’s take on the futuristic “˜fit donned by Miguel O’Hara, a.k.a. Spider-Man 2099.

Besides recreating the 2099 suit as it appears in Insomniac’s hit video game ” right down to the fact that, annoyingly, the underarm webwings are still missing! ” Hot Toy’s latest Spidey is spartanly accessorized. He comes with alternate hands, webs to pose with (and twhip, depending on the web FX and hands), and…well, that’s it. Billed as one of the company’s summer convention exclusives ” back when there were going to be summer conventions to have exclusives at ” Spidey 2099 will now be available online, and is set to release later this year. [Hot Toys]

Image: Hasbro Image: Hasbro

Star Wars: The Black Series Gaming Greats Jango Fett

There’s been a Jango Fett in Habsro’s Black Series line before, but now everyone’s favourite Daddy Fett is getting an updated re-release as part of the series’ “Gaming Greats” sub-line, including a new photorealistic face printing underneath his removable helmet (the head is also likely removeable too, given that it’s an action figure, so you can recreate Jango’s ill-fated tussle with Mace Windu).

What makes him a “gaming great”, you ask? Well, mainly the packaging and that he’s exclusive to Gamestop. Rather than being a specific design from one of the many video games of Star Wars‘ past like previous figures such as Darth Revan or the recent The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper variants, this is just meant to be Jango as he appears in the third-person action-adventure prequel game to Attack of the Clones, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. So, in actuality…he just looks like Jango always does. But prettier than the old Jango! Pre-orders are live now. [Toyark]

Gif: YouTube Gif: YouTube

Takara Tomy Marching-chu Pikachu!

One of the many, many ways Pikachu has charmed his way into the public’s heart are his public appearances where the costumed version of the character adorably waddles his way around. That “˜ready to topple over at a moment’s notice’ energy has been recreated in this new interactive Pikachu figure that responds to human voice commands with sounds, light-up cheeks, waving arms, and an endearing waddle that makes the character look more like a toddler learning to walk, than a fierce competitor. (Perhaps a clever strategy to throw off its opponents?) It’s available for pre-order now for about $50, but won’t be available until August 1.

Image: Square-Enix/Marvel Image: Square-Enix/Marvel

Bring Arts Variant Marvel Universe Iron Spider, Captain America, and Iron Man

Square-Enix’s action figure lines are no strangers to Marvel, and they’re no strangers doing weird things to Marvel’s finest. The company’s carrying that tradition over to its smaller-scaled “Bring Arts” figure series with three depictions of Marvel icons through the zany lens of iconic Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura, who’s upgraded from turning Batman into Bahamut Man with takes on the Iron Spider, Iron Man, and Captain America.

I hope you like sharp angles and awkward armour, because that’s essentially what Nomura’s brought to the table, aesthetically. At least it means these 6-inch scaled figures come with a bunch of extra accessories beyond the usual spare hands. Iron Spider comes with detachable extra spider limbs (and can even balance from them!), while Captain America comes with two shields, one in his traditional red, white, and blue, and another with gold trimming, as well as bonus straps to hold it on his back or in his hands. Iron Man might actually be the most interesting of the trio: his accessories include a backpack that basically gives him Iron Wings, and it can even be modified to be used as either a shield for Tony to protect himself with, or as a set of blade weapons for when he’s tired of repulsor blasting everything to death. Each figure is set to release in Japan this December, and will cost $195 apiece.


Pyrex 4-Cup Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Snack Containers

Feeling guilty about spending hundreds of dollars on Baby Yoda toys? With these adorable 4-cup snack containers from Pyrex, you can at least convince yourself that adding to your ever-growing collection/obsession is the responsible adult thing to do because now you have a set of eco-friendly, re-usable kitchen containers for leftovers. Sure, you’re lying to yourself, and in reality you’ll probably just use these containers for holding all the accessories that came with your The Child toys, but what’s important is that you feel slightly less guilty about spending another $15.