5 Cool Tech Deals On Amazon Australia Today

5 Cool Tech Deals On Amazon Australia Today
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Update your speakers, build out your smart home or save on SSDs with this range of Amazon Australia deals.

2 Sonos Ones: $484

You can use them as standalone smart speakers with Alexa or Google Assistant, or as the rear speakers with the fancy (and very nice) new Sonos Arc soundbar, and right now Amazon is running a special deal on the Sonos One. Buy one and it’s $295, which isn’t particularly special pricing at all. Buy two, and your wallet gets a $484 hit, knocking a healthy $53 off the asking price of each speaker.

Sonos Playbar $759

Speaking of Sonos, while the Sonos Arc is Sonos’ new favourite child when it comes to soundbars, but that means that there’s deals in the offing for the old stock. The Sonos Playbar at $759 is decent value if you’re after a Sonos-compatible soundbar and can’t quite match up to the Arc’s asking price.

SanDisk Extreme Pro 500GB Portable SSD: $188

I may have been doing this tech journalism thing for a wee while now. I can clearly remember when SSDs were great but frighteningly expensive. $188 for a 500GB external SSD isn’t frightening at all.

Amazon Echo Show 8: $159

I’m mildly amused by Amazon’s tagline for the Echo Show 8, which is simply that “Alexa can show you things”. Maybe I’m just easily amused today.

It’s an apt enough though, to be fair, because this is a smart 8″ display running Amazon’s Alexa assistant, so you can integrate it into your existing smart home, use it as a photo or video display for a smart doorbell, or just get it to tell you a joke. It’s not the smallest of Amazon’s Echo Show devices – that’s the $99 Echo Show 5 – but Amazon’s cutting its regular $229 price down to just $159 right now, so it’s a better value bet unless you do really need a truly tiny smart alarm clock.

Raspberry Pi starter kit $139.99

The Raspberry Pi is a wonderful platform for doing… well, just about anything, because there’s literally more concepts and projects that you can build out of a Pi than I could possibly list here. The tinkering nature of the Raspberry Pi means you can start with just a board, but this complete kit should make just about any project a breeze, with a Raspberry Pi 4, power supply, case, preloaded Noobs 32GB MicroSD card and cables. What you do with it is up to you, as is the $20 discount it’s currently enjoying if you buy it at $139.99.