You Can Saddle Up Your Mac Pro For $580 but You Still Can’t Ride It

You Can Saddle Up Your Mac Pro For $580 but You Still Can’t Ride It
Photo: WaterField Designs

If you’re willing to spend $8,600+ for a properly spec’d Mac Pro, and another $580 to upgrade the tower with wheels, then another $580 is just another drop in a deep bucket to give your new computing workhorse a proper leather saddle. This bizarre accessory doesn’t let you ride the Mac Pro, but it does give you lots of pockets to help keep your desk tidy.

For years, WaterField Designs has been crafting luxe bags and cases to help status-focused folk carry around their Apple gear in style (assuming leather is your idea of stylish) but it’s apparently now branching out with accessories for the hardware itself. Made from “genuine, full-grain cowhide” the Mac Pro Gear Saddle (yep, they officially call it a saddle) straddles the tower with a pair of straps supporting pocket-packed organisers hanging on either side.

Photo: WaterField Designs Photo: WaterField Designs

The pockets are sized to accommodate Apple-specific accessories like the Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse, and the Magic Trackpad, but you can cram almost anything you’d like in there, including beverages and snacks. Just be mindful that the pockets feature holes in the bottom so dumping handfuls of M&Ms in there means they’re still going to end up all over your desk.

Whether or not the saddle will affect the Mac Pro’s ability to keep itself cool remains to be seen. Apple made a lot of noise about the computer’s cooling system and uniquely designed ventilation grate on the front, but the side panels undoubtedly provide additional passive cooling for the machine, and covering them in leather panels could hinder that approach. But if you’re already dropping thousands and thousands of dollars on a workstation, you probably want to maximise what it can do for you, even if that includes holding a bottle of Mountain Dew.