This Is the Only Good Reason for a Pipeline to Go Viral

This Is the Only Good Reason for a Pipeline to Go Viral

As we’ve said before, if we want to ensure we have a includes pipelines, which pose a risk to a risk to water, land, and human health. They also worsen climate change. Nonetheless, there is one good reason for you to be happy to see a pipeline.

That reason is Armin Küpper, an artist in Germany who went viral while playing the saxophone at a pipeline earlier this month. Küpper plays in front of the pipeline and uses the echo to create his own type of duet. The result is mesmerising to watch, and will undoubtedly put you in a good mood.

This isn’t the first time Küpper’s put up a video of him playing in front and around the pipeline, which appears to be the same one in all the videos, although the location isn’t clear. He started posting his pipeline saxophone videos two months ago on YouTube, and has also posted videos of him playing the guitar while sitting on the edge of the pipeline. Besides playing instruments, Küpper also creates bronze pieces of art, wooden sculptures, and paintings, per his website.

“Somewhere over the pipeline!” Küpper wrote on his latest video on Sunday. “On a mild evening I sat down on the pipe and enjoyed the evening mood. The running machines and the birds then inspired me to create these classics.”

Küpper has said that he likes the sound of the saxophone on the pipeline. He also likes the peace and quiet of playing there and composing something in the middle of nowhere. You can check out all of Küpper’s videos on his YouTube channel.