This AI Image-Style Tool Is A Fun Way To Play With Your Car Pics

This AI Image-Style Tool Is A Fun Way To Play With Your Car Pics
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Artificial intelligence is useful for many things: Spying on us, giving Elon Musk nightmares, and making pretend soldiers and monsters in video games try to kill you. But can it help you waste time with pictures of your cars? I’m happy to answer that, yes, friends, it can. With something called

Basically, what does is take a source image and a style image, and then re-works the source image to appear to have been rendered in the style used in the style image.

For example, I took this picture of the Changli and this terrifying image of hellish beasts by Albrecht Dürer called The Apocalyptic Woman from 1497 to use for the style:

… and got this result:

Say, that’s pretty creepy!

At the other extreme, I took this bucolic-looking picture of my Pao in the driveway and asked the robots to make it look like it was painted by James McNeil Whistler:

…and was rewarded with this soothing piece of hotel-friendly art:

Of course, there are likely better things to do with your time, but taking your crappy car snapshots and making them look like they were painted by Jasper Johns or whoever seems like a pretty harmless way to kill a night.

I think they want to sell you hi-res version of your images, but, you know what? You don’t have to buy shit if you don’t want to! This is America, or whatever other country you’re in!

(Show us what you come up with in the comments!)