Optus has a Cheap Wireless Home Broadband Plan if You’re Not Keen on NBN

Optus has a Cheap Wireless Home Broadband Plan if You’re Not Keen on NBN
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If you’re after an NBN alternative or simply want a wireless home broadband plan on the cheap, Optus has a deal for you.

The deal

Optus is knocking $17 a month off its 500GB wireless broadband plan. This means that it comes down to $68 (from $85 a month) for the first 24-months you’re with Optus.

What’s interesting about this is one is that it’s only $3 more a month than Optus’ 200GB a month plan.

On top of the 500GB data the plan comes with 4G speeds. Those things combined makes it a pretty decent alternative to NBN, especially if you can’t get it in your home yet.

There are two ways you can get this deal – contract and no contract. If you got for option one it’s just $68 a month for 24-months and includes the modem.

If you’d rather not be locked in for two years, you can opt for no contract. However, you will need to pay a $216 up-front fee for the modem. After that it will still just be $68 a month for the service. Either way, you get to keep the modem.

Here’s what the month-to-month plan looks like. If you click through you’ll get the option of this or the contract:

And here are all of Optus’ home wireless broadband plans on offer right now:

There’s currently no end date for this promo.

What is wireless home broadband?

Wireless home broadband is an alternative to wired internet in the home. It uses mobile networks to connect to the web through a modem. Your devices are then able to connect to via Wi-Fi.

At the moment the most common form of wireless home broadband is via 4G, though there are 5G plana out there courtesy of Telstra and Optus.

Wireless home broadband is a good alternative for homes that don’t have a wired internet connection. It’s often used as an alternative to the NBN.