You Can Buy IKEA Solar Panels in Australia Now

You Can Buy IKEA Solar Panels in Australia Now
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Just when you thought IKEA had everything it has upped the ante. That’s right, IKEA solar panels are a thing now.

From Wednesday customers in Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia will be able to purchase IKEA solar panels from its new Solstråle range.

IKEA has partnered with Australian solar company Solargrain to introduce this new system to market.

IKEA Solstråle

There are two solar packages in IKEA’s Solstråle range. Solstråle Basic is a 6.6kW system that allows users to draw power from the sun and feed electricity back into the grid.

Solstråle With Battery comes with a 6.5kWh lithium battery that allows for solar power storage. You can use what you harvested during the daylight hours at night as well.

A smart meter and micro-inverter will also be sold separately within the range.

Pricing for both systems varies, depending on where you are in Australia, and the size of your house. For example, a Basic package starts at $4005 for customers in Perth but only starts at $3,227 for those in Melbourne.

Solstråle With Battery starts at $10,246 in Melbourne, $10,952 in Perth and $11,240 in Brisbane. You can ask for a quote here.

Expressions of interest are currently open for people in New South Wales, South Australia and the ACT. There is no word on when it may be available for Tasmania and there are currently no IKEA stores in the Northern Territory.

Australia is the seventh country to have IKEA solar panels introduced. We join Switzerland, the Netherlands, Poland,Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Germany. According to IKEA the company is hoping to have them available in all 30 of its markets by 2025.

This isn’t IKEA’s first foray into sustainability. In 2018 IKEA Australia introduced a ‘take-back’ service that allowed customers to return unwanted IKEA furniture in exchange for store vouchers. At the time IKEA Australia stated that it wanted to be a 100% circular economy company by 2030.