Here’s The 2021 Ford Bronco Before You’re Supposed To See It

Here’s The 2021 Ford Bronco Before You’re Supposed To See It

We’ve seen it testing in camouflage and we’ve seen leaked pics in production, but now feast your eyes on the new 2021 Ford Bronco frolicking uncovered and unashamed in public on a sunny beach.

A few users tried their hand at enhancing the image:

This drone image was posted to the forum Bronco6G Friday night by user Escape_Artist. We’re not sure where this picture was taken specifically, but Escape_Artist lists their home location as Houston, Texas. The sand and sun certainly indicate somewhere in the south. Unfortunately we can’t make out too much of the front facisa on this Bronco, so we aren’t totally sure if this particular Bronco is sporting the Modern, Classic or Custom face. But the square edge of the headlight, to me anyway, would indicate a more classic look than leaked images we’ve seen previously of Broncos under production. The Modern look is apparently much more rounded, but again, it is hard to tell:

What a ‘Modern’ Bronco is supposed to look like

Ford fans are ravenous for the return of the Bronco and have been since Ford started teasing the idea of reviving the nameplate back in 2004 with a Bronco concept vehicle. The sturdy SUV started life in the ‘60s and its boxy silhouette is beloved by off-roading fans everywhere. The line ended in 1996 (making it a Radwood staple) to make way for the Ford Expedition.

We don’t know much about the latest incarnation of the Bronco, though we know you will be able to get it with a manual — with a gear specifically meant for ‘crawling’ or low speed off-roading — mated to the same 2.3-litre EcoBoost inline-four engine found in the Ford Ranger. It will probable get the same gear box as well. The Bronco will also come brimming with 150 accessory options as it takes on the Jeep Wrangler for dominance among the off-roading crowd. It’s clear from the photo that it will feature bright paint job options and rugged tires ready for rock-crawling.

2021 Ford Bronco’s Shifter, Engine And Suspension Detailed In Exciting Leaked Photos

The 2021 Ford Bronco is coming, and it’s going to have a manual transmission. Automotive publication The Fast Lane Car has some excellent photos of the shift knob, as well as great under the hood and underbody shots of the upcoming Jeep Wrangler fighter. Check them out.

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This little taste should hopefully hold you off until the official unveiling of the Bronco, which Ford set for July 13 after accidentally scheduling the release for O.J. Simpson’s birthday. If you’re waiting for the Baby Bronco aka the Bronco Sport, well, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer, as production of that vehicle was pushed back to September. Automotive News reported that Ford is anticipating first-year sales of up to 200,000 Bronco and Bronco Sport models sold in the first year they’re in production. It’s rare to find a machine perfectly made to both print money and act as a daily-drivable off-roader.