Google Pixel 4a Price and Colours Leak

Google Pixel 4a Price and Colours Leak
Image: Evan Blass

This post originally appeared on Gizmodo UK, which is gobbling up the news in a different timezone.

A French phone retailer has done Pixel fans the favour of leaking its new handset colours and European pricing, plus a potential delivery date.

The Pixel 4a is expected in July, and French site Ordimedia currently has two models listed: both 128GB, one in Just Black and one in Blue.

We expect the Blue one will get one of the Big G’s sarcastic colour names before actual release: previous versions have included Not Pink, Purple-ish and Oh So Orange. A previous leak for the 4a included the name Barely Blue, so it’ll likely be that, especially since the billboard leaked by Evan Blass shows a blue tint rather than the previously-used bright Really Blue shade.

 width=Image: Ordimedia

We don’t yet know if the 128GB model will be the only version available, because said previous leaks suggested there could also be a 64GB edition. We do know the European price will be €509.56 ($829.90) including VAT in France, assuming the site has its info correct. That comes out to about €408 ($664.50) without France’s 20 per cent VAT. A previous leak had the price at about $580, so that’s looking believable.

Pocket Lint reckons it could be as low as $630 when it finally releases.

Ordimedia gives a delivery date of July 7 for the phone, which is… actually really soon. We previously heard that the phone might appear on May 22, then June 5, and then we heard that although the announcement was “still happening on July 13,” the Just Black model wouldn’t be in our actual hands ’til October.

Whatever the truth turns out to be (and there’s every chance Google itself didn’t know ’til recently, what with the whole world situation), it doesn’t sound like there’s long to wait for your Barely Blue Budget Blower. [Reddit]