Pixel 4 Deal: $330 Off With Telstra

Pixel 4 Deal: $330 Off With Telstra
Image: Gizmodo
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The end of financial year (EOFY) is almost upon on, which means you can pick up some cool stuff on the cheap. Telcos like Telstra and Optus are even getting in on the action with cheaper phones and plans. So if you’ve been looking out for a Google Pixel 4 deal, now is your chance.

Telstra is coming in swinging with its Google Pixel 4 deal, knocking $330 off last year’s flagship. If you need a refresher on the Pixel 4, you can read our review here. And if photo and stargazing is your thing, here’s out look at how the astrophotography mode works.

Telstra’s 24-month Pixel 4 plans now start at $79.95 per month. This comes with 30GB data per month, thanks to a $10 per month credit that lasts for the duration of the plan. It also has the aforementioned $330 device discount.

The Pixel 4 deal is also available on 36-month plans but the pricing is a little bit unconventional. You still get the full $330 discount, but it’s distributed differently. Customers who choose the 36-month plan will pay a lower rate for the first two years. After that the bill goes back up for the final twelve months. It all works out in the wash, we just don’t know why it was gone about in this way.

Telstra Pixel 4 deal

Here’s the deal on a 24-month plan:

And here’s all the other plans:

This Google Pixel 4 deal is available until June 30

Optus deal

Optus also has this deal running at the moment. It’s cheapest plan has now come down to $68.94 per month with 10GB. It comes with 10GB data per month.

Here’s the widget for that plan:


And here are the rest of Optus’ Google Pixel 4 deals in case you’re after more data:


There’s currently no end date on these plans.

It’s worth noting that both Telstra and Optus require you to stay connected for the entire 24-month. If you leave early you forfeit the remainder of your discount when you pay out the phone.