The Best iPhone Plans in Australia Right Now

The Best iPhone Plans in Australia Right Now
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Apple just unveiled iOS 14, which is bringing a whole heap of new features to iPhones like home screen widgets, App Clips, better group chats, and more. You won’t need a new iPhone to get iOS 14. If your iPhone runs iOS 13, you’ll still be able to upgrade to iOS 14.  But if your current model is a bit worse for wear, there are some great iPhone plans floating around right now.


If you’re thinking about a new iPhone, you’ve got a few different options. There’s the entire iPhone 11 family as well as the 2020 iPhone SE — the cheapest new iPhone we’ve seen in a LONG time. You can read the Gizmodo review right here.

All of these will run iOS 14. And if you like to live dangerously, you can test out the beta on your new device right now.

We’ll be taking a look at the best 24-month plans for the iPhone SE and iPhone 11 family. If you’d prefer a cheaper option, all these plans are available on a 36-month plans as well.

Opting for a 36-month plan can save you anywhere between $10 to $35 per month, depending on the phone in question. The more expensive the phone, the bigger the saving. While the widgets below show 24-month plans, clicking through will show you 36-month options on each telco’s site.

Best iPhone SE plans

If you’re after an iPhone SE, Vodafone is our pick right now. $69.90 per month gets you a 64GB iPhone SE with 10GB of data on a 24-month term.

If you sign-up before July 2, you’ll get a $5 per month discount during your first year. This brings your bill down to $64.70 per month for that period.

Optus has a pretty similar plan at $70.20 per month with 10GB of data, but no initial discount, whereas Telstra will charge you $81.20 per month for a 30GB plan. Telstra’s offer certainly isn’t bad, but it is worth noting you can get a 60GB plan both Optus and Vodafone for about the same price.

Best iPhone 11 plans

Similar holds true when it comes to the iPhone 11, with Vodafone being the cheapest out of the bunch. $86.20 per month gets you an 64GB iPhone 11 with 10GB of data on a 24-month term. You’ll also get a $5 per month discount during your first year, saving you $60.

Optus is a bit more expensive at $88.95 per month for its cheapest iPhone 11 plan, or you could pay $99.95 per month on Telstra and get 30GB and wider coverage.

iPhone 11 Pro

Optus’ 60GB plan is a solid pick if you’re after an iPhone 11 Pro. $121.87 per month gets a 64GB model on a 24-month term. While Vodafone’s 60GB is a hair cheaper, you’ll get a free year of Apple Music by going with Optus, which ends up being valued at $143.88.

Vodafone’s 60GB plan still has merit however, thanks to a free year of Amazon Prime valued at $59 per month, as well as $5 per month discount during your first year. It’s just a question of what perk you’d prefer.

If you don’t need as much data but would prefer Telstra coverage, Telstra’s 30GB plan will set you back $122.87 per month.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Vodafone is a good option when it comes to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Priced at $125.37 per month with a 60GB plan, it’s a $2.74 per month saving over Optus, which adds up $65.76 over the course of two years. That’s definitely worth considering given the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive iPhone to date. You’ll also get the aforementioned $5 per month discount for your first year, and a year of Amazon Prime.

Optus could still be a great choice if you’d prefer an Apple Music subscription, and once again, Telstra’s 30GB plan is about the same price if you’re okay with trading data allowance for coverage.

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