These Australian Streaming Services Still Offer Free Trials

These Australian Streaming Services Still Offer Free Trials
Image: Stan

Once upon a time, every major streaming service offered a free trial but that’s no longer the case. A couple of big hitters are no longer giving away freebies but there are still plenty out there that do. Here’s every streaming service that will still give you a free trial.

Netflix was one of the first streaming services available globally and it brought us the try-before-you-buy offer we now expect with all streaming services. Instead of paying upfront, Netflix would offer interested folks a free month of streaming. The idea was that you’d become familiar with the service and addicted to some of the shows and from there, you’d be likely to become a loyal, paying customer. Many of us, of course, did.

But in 2020, there’s been an uptick in available streaming services and most of us have since dabbled in Netflix — or at least, the numbers suggest so. Given the OG streaming site is no longer a novelty, it decided to drop its free trial offering in March 2020. It said at the time it would instead opt for other marketing promotions, such as offering sample content to non-subscribers.

When Disney launched in November 2019, it also offered new users a free seven-day trial to try out the service. It’s since dropped that option globally, too. Now newbies will just have to fork up a month’s payment upfront, which is a fairly reasonable $8.99.

Luckily, Australia is now a country full of streaming services and that means there are no shortages of free trials available. Here’s who’s left on the free trial list.

Streaming services that still offer you a free trial

First up, we’ll start with the obvious next option — Stan. It has yet to drop off its free trial offering, giving new subscribers 30 days at zero cost.

Newcomer Binge has been on the market for a just over a month and also offers a free trial. It’s less generous but you’ll still get 14 days to give it a swing before you need to start paying up.

Foxtel is at the pricier end of Australia’s streaming services but you’ll still get a few days for zilch with the service. It offers 10 days free of charge so you’ll have to remember how many things you signed up for because the bill can total up to $104 for a single month of access. Ouch.

Like Stan, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial for its Prime Video service. After that, it’ll cost you $6.99 a month but that cost includes a whole Prime subscription, too.

AppleTV+ also grants a seven-day trial but if you’ve bought a new Apple device, chances are you could be eligible for a whole year‘s subscription on the house.

There are also a number of smaller streaming sites available in Australia that will give you a taster for free. YouTube Premium, Hayu, AnimeLab, DocPlay and 10 All Access all give you a month to trial the services.

You’ll also still get a 14-day trial for Crunchyroll, Quibi and Kayo Sports.

While it’s not fun that two streaming services have ditched the free trial option, there are still many other services waiting for your attention.