This Back To The Future Reunion Features Timely Sequel Ideas And A Powerful Musical Number

This Back To The Future Reunion Features Timely Sequel Ideas And A Powerful Musical Number

What happens when you reunite the cast and crew behind one of the best film trilogies of all time? Things get pretty heavy.

Earlier today, actor Josh Gad debuted the second episode of his new YouTube show Reunited Apart, where he reunites the cast of an iconic movie to help raise money for a worthy charity. He started with The Goonies (which was amazing) and kept things in the Amblin family for episode two. Gad brought back the majority of the cast and crew of the iconic 1985 film Back to the Future for a 30-minute Zoom that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

There are some great surprises here, even up to and including after the credits, so check it out and we’ll talk more about it below.

Our favourite moments, besides the pure delight on each person’s face when they come onto the call, are when Lea Thompson says a good Back to the Future 4 plot would be take everyone back to January to warn us about the novel coronavirus, and when Christopher Lloyd explains his idea for a Rick and Morty tie in. Oh, and that rendition of “The Power of Love” by the cast of the Back to the Future musical wasn’t bad either. And did you watch until the end of the show when Claudia Wells, who played the original Jennifer (before being replaced by Elizabeth Shue), pops in? Just great stuff.

You definitely miss the actor who played Biff, Thomas F. Wilson, here, as well as Crispin Glover, the original George McFly. Wilson is known to be a little stubborn when it comes to Back to the Future, though, and Glover did sue the producers over his exclusion from the sequel. So both not participating does make sense. On the other hand, this reunion was to raise awareness for Project Hope, which is providing aid to health care workers. It feels like if ever they were going to talk about the series, this would have been the time.

Nevertheless, after Goonies and Back to the Future, we can’t wait to see what Gad and his crew have up their sleeves next.