Take A Look At This Ridiculous Folding iPhone Flip Concept

Take A Look At This Ridiculous Folding iPhone Flip Concept
Image: YouTube.com/ #iOS beta news

Everybody loves a cool concept video and this one giving us a sneak peak of our potential iPhone foldable future is no exception.

The video, uploaded by #iOS beta news, shows a concept many would deem controversial ” a foldable Apple iPhone. The two-minute video shows a 3D prototype of an iPhone 11 Pro model that can fold shut and has a small display on one half of its rear. It’s fitted with a hole punch camera in the front and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max’s stove top rear camera array. It calls this Frankenstein of a phone the iPhone Flip.

I’m not sure if it’s the dance club backing track or the dizzying rotations around the 3D phone but it feels pretty damn cool, even if it’s total fantasy. Take note, Apple.

The concept video, not wanting to ruin our fun, naturally glazes over the real-life issues many foldable smartphone devices have faced in the wild. The inevitable screen creasing is one of those lesser issues but the video shows a lovely smooth crease we could only hope for. The hinges, while beautifully clean, just aren’t something that’s likely to work in the real world.

Still, the make-believe video gives us a glimpse at the first foldable iPhone and if the rumours are anything to go by, Apple might seriously be considering it in the next few years. Whether it’ll look anything like this concept or something a little more innovative, we’ll just have to wait and see.