There Are Official Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds Now

There Are Official Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds Now

The best thing about Zoom is the ability to set a virtual background. It’s almost enough to make you forget about all those passwords that were stolen.

From faking being paying attention in a meeting to setting a background to an island paradise, people are enjoying making work meetings a little bit more fun. Disney and Lucasfilm have clearly taken notice, because a stack of official Star Wars Zoom backgrounds just got released for free.

You’ll find a range of options from across the Star Wars universe and its various trilogies – from the skies of Cloud City to the ice tundra of Hoth. You can even talk about this month’s target projections from inside the Millennium Falcon if your heart so desires.

I’m personally here for the The Emperor’s Throne On Exegol background and I can’t wait to grace every product briefing with it from now on. PR – you’re welcome.

How To Make A Zoom Virtual Background

While there are an annoying amount of video conferencing apps being used in the time of coronavirus, Zoom seems to be the one everyone is talking about. Although it's not always for a good reason, like when trolls invade private chats. Besides being free, one of the good things about Zoom is virtual backgrounds. They're fun and can be used to hide a hideously messy house from your co-workers. Or if you're sneaky, you can even fake paying attention. Here's how to make them.

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Here are a few samples from the collection, which can be viewed over on the official Star Wars website.

If you want to try this for yourself, all you have to do is save your background of choice to your computer and load up a Zoom chat.

From there, click on the arrow next to the video button and click on ‘video settings’. Click ‘virtual background’ and upload the image. Boom, you’re now sitting in Coruscant.