How Much Samsung’s New 8K TVs Cost In Australia

How Much Samsung’s New 8K TVs Cost In Australia
Image: Samsung

Last month Samsung released 28 new TVs across its 4K, Crystal UHD and Lifestyle ranges in Australia. It also announced its new 8K range, but we didn’t know what the prices would look like or when they would land. Well, the wait is now over. Here’s how much they cost and when you can get one.

Samsung New 8K TV Specs

There are two 8K models that Samsung is bringing out this year, with a variety of size options The flagship is the Q950T 8K QLED. It has a 99.9 per cent screen-to-body ratio, with the bezel coming in at just 2.33mm. Samsung has also said the the Q950T is 20 per cent brighter than the previous generation

And if you’re a sound nerd you may be interested in the new Object Tracking Sound Plus (OTS+) feature, which allows the TV to track moving objects on the screen and move the sound with it across the speakers. According to Samsung this delivers a similar result to 5.1 surround sound.

The TV also includes Q-symphony, which uses the TV speakers and sound bar simultaneously to optimise audio performance.

As with previous generations both the Q950T and the Q800T are fitted with AI-enabled Quantum Processors, which allow for upscaling. This means that lower quality content will still look fantastic on an 8K TV. This is particularly important at the moment considering the distinct lack of 8K content available.

If last year’s range is anything to go by, it’s going to do a good job.

Samsung 8K Q950T Price Australia

At the top of the range you’ll find the 85-inch Q950T for $22,000. That’s a big chunk of change, but it’s still $50,000 less than LG’s 88-inch 8K flagship that was released in April.

If Sony hovers around the $20,000 mark as well we’ll be looking at a repeat of last year’s incredible 8K price difference.

Fortunately, if $22,000 still makes your wallet cry, there are other options, including the 65-inch version which comes in under $10K.

  • 85-inch ($21,999)
  • 75-inch ($13,499)
  • 65-inch ($9,999)

Samsung 8K Q800T Price Australia

If you’re looking for something cheaper and don’t find having a few less bells and whistles, the Q800T might be a better option for you, with the cheapest coming in at $6,399. While a 55-inch variant was announced for Australia earlier this year, that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore.

  • 82-inch ($11,649)
  • 75-inch ($8,699)
  • 65-inch ($6,399)

Samsung 8K TV Availability Australia

All of Samsung’s new 2020 8K range is available from today. You can find them and more information at Samsung’s website.

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