Kit Harrington, At Least, Is Happy With Jon Snow’s Ending in Game of Thrones

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow.  (Image: HBO)
Kit Harrington as Jon Snow. (Image: HBO)

It’s been a little over a year since the last episode of Game of Thrones aired, giving us a lot of time to reflect on whether or not we were satisfied with how things ended up. This is true for the actors who brought those characters to life, too. And for Kit Harrington, at least, it turned out ok.

That’s according to a Twitter Q&A he did recently with the Kit Harrington fan account @purple_dwagon, where he was asked what he thought about Jon Snow’s ultimate fate, returning to the Night’s Watch and going back beyond the wall, off to the North again.

“When people say to me, ‘I wish you’d been on the Throne, or I wish you’d been with Dany on the Throne,’ I disagree because Jon’s place was always in the North,” Harrington said (as transcribed by Winter Is Coming). “He’d never have been happy in the South. He’s like Ned Stark.”

Harrington added that beyond the wall is where Jon belongs, and that he could apparently talk about this subject for hours. The fact that Jon’s heritage didn’t amount to all that much in terms of his fate, or that he’s left separate from the big movers and shakers in the world, doesn’t seem to bother Harrington much. Some people just aren’t cut out for politics or kingdoms.

With that said, Harrington’s opinion is based solely on his experience shooting the finale, as he, uh, hasn’t actually seen it. Probably for the best there, bud.