Doom Patrol’s Season 2 Posters Reveal the Powerful Dorothy Spinner

Doom Patrol’s Season 2 Posters Reveal the Powerful Dorothy Spinner
The Doom Patrol having a tea party. (Image: HBO Max)

Niles Caulder’s long lost daughter Dorothy Spinner is one of the most powerful characters in DC’s comics and she’s set to play a major role in Doom Patrol‘s upcoming second season. The show’s always leaned heavily into the more whimsical aspects of the core team’s metahuman abilities, but a pair of new posters highlight that Dorothy’s arrival is going to push things into an even weirder space.

Given how the Doom Patrol’s members spend so much time fighting interdimensional beings and sentient bugs, it’s unlikely they will be all that alarmed when they first witness Dorothy’s ability to turn her imaginary concepts into living beings. But the new posters ” which are somewhat reminiscent of the advertisements ” make it seem as if Doom Patrol‘s take on Dorothy’s powers might be a bit more expansive and conceptual, something hinted at by the vague Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland themes presented in them.

Dorothy Spinner is being played by Abigail Shapiro and will join the returning cast of Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, Joivan Wade, Matt Bomer, Brendan Fraser, and Timothy Dalton. Entertainment Weekly also had word today that Mark Sheppard would also be returning to guest star as Willoughby Kipling in the season premiere.

The posters also reveal that Doom Patrol‘s going rather comics-accurate with its depiction of Dorothy’s face, which is rather simian in form, and a shadowy figure in the background of one poster suggests that Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk) may be on his way back to cause more chaos.

Doom Patrol hits both DC Universe and HBO Max on June 26. It will air on Foxtel in Australia at a later date.