BMW Just Updated Its Strangest Car

BMW Just Updated Its Strangest Car

I do not have any particular infatuation with the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo, the easiest vehicle to forget BMW makes. But BMW remembers, and for some reason updated this five-door family hatchback, a car that probably shouldn’t exist.

I’m more of a fan of five-door family hatchbacks in general than I am of the 6er GT. It’s like the Geo Prism of BMWs.

For reasons beyond my comprehension, five-door hatchbacks seemed to spring up across carmaker model lines in the 1980s and trended on into the 1990s and 2000s, at least in the case of Hyundai. Camrys, Corollas, Integras all came in five-door layout, not quite a wagon, not exactly a fastback. Somewhat aerodynamic, somewhat practical.

The 6er GT is, of course, not so much a 6 Series as it is a 5 Series, which did get an across-the-board update for 2021. Here’s what BMW says it changed:

A precisely modified body design and refinements to various interior design details further sharpen the profile of this unique vehicle concept. The new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo captures the imagination more than ever with its striking sense of outward sportiness and the layered premium ambience of its spacious, luxurious interior. Driving pleasure and efficiency are enhanced by a further developed spread of drive systems and the introduction of mild hybrid technology. The progressive character of the new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo is also showcased by the combination of a fully digital instrument cluster and Control Display – each with a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches – and further innovations in the areas of driver assistance systems, control/operation and connectivity.


These universal, harmoniously interwoven qualities underpin the ever-increasing popularity of the BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo. More than 50,000 customers around the world have so far plumped for this distinctive vehicle character.

There is some new hybrid tech, some slightly adjusted styling, and some interior updates.

To put it more simply, as we did earlier today, grille bigger than before.

There are various four-cylinder and diesel engines available, but it’s the straight-six gas 640i that catches my eye on the spec sheet, with 333 HP and 151 kg-ft of torque from the single-turbo 3.0-litre.

Somehow, a straight-six turbo five-door family car is a thing that exists. I don’t understand it, but I don’t need to.