Best Iso Experiences To Gift Mum On Mother’s Day

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There’s only a few days left before Mother’s Day and if you’ve forgotten to pop in online orders, it’s probably a little too late now. Don’t fret because the internet is a wonderful place and can serve up a number of experiences you can buy mum instantly without having to resort on physical deliveries. Here’s the best experiences you can gift your mum this Mother’s Day.

At home self-guided wine tasting

Visiting a bar to taste a bunch of fancy wines isn’t really an option right now but that doesn’t mean your mum can’t experience it this Mother’s Day. Instead, bring the winery to her with an at home wine tasting. Sure, it might not be as fun as visiting a winery itself but there are some perks — no shame for drinking more or less than you’re supposed to and she can take it at her own pace. Plus, she gets the full bottle.


Mobile personal training lesson

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Gyms are still closed across the country but with restrictions slowly easing up in some states, you can now have visitors. If your mum is eager to get her bones moving again, why not get her a mobile personal training lesson she can do from the comfort of her own home. In regular times, this might sound like some people’s personal hell but we’re living in the times of corona and physical activity is damn appealing right now.


Online Italian cooking class

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We’re all basically chefs after the amount of cooking many of us have done over the past few weeks but level up your mum’s skills a notch with an online cooking class. She’ll have to go out and buy some ingredients but after two hours, you can expect her to whip up some quality ragù or alla matriciana in no time. We hope.


Horse riding adventure

Image: Glenworth Valley

If your mum is the outdoors-y type, treat her to a horse riding adventure for when things start to ease up around Australia. There are a number of options available around Australia but they’ll generally be around the $100 mark. If you live near Sydney, Glenworth Valley is one to definitely tick off and your mum will thank you for it.

Prices depend on location and duration

At home soap making workshop

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It might not be as exhilarating as horse riding but an at home soap making workshop might be the hobby your mother’s been looking for while stuck in iso. She’ll get a kit full of all the materials needed as well as access to the instructor’s tutorial. It’s a win-win because she might even make some craft soap for you too.


Buy her a gift card

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It might be the second laziest gift after giving her cash but a digital gift card works for us right now so there’s no shame in it. While a gift card for Adrenaline or Red Balloon is pretty handy, you could also literally get one for just about anything. Think about what your mum needs most and organise that so it’s at least a bit thoughtful. Maybe she’s considering ordering groceries or alcohol online so a Woolworths or Coles gift card might be the nudge she needs.

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