The Best Shows You Can Watch On Binge, Foxtel’s New Streaming Service

The Best Shows You Can Watch On Binge, Foxtel’s New Streaming Service
Image: HBO/WB/Foxtel

Foxtel’s Binge streaming service has been out in Australia for a little while now. Starting from $10 a month, you can now access the best shows that Foxtel has to offer at an affordable price. The content line-up including highlights from HBO, Syfy and The CW’s DC Universe alongside a bunch of award-winning movies. If you’re looking for your next favourite show, here’s what Binge has to offer.

And if you want to try it for free, there’s a two week trial available.


Image: HBO/Foxtel

Barry is a black comedy that follows depressed hitman Barry Berkman as he attempts to abandon his life of crime for the spotlight of the theatre. Following a botched assassination attempt, Barry ends up joining his local theatre troupe and discovering a new meaning for his life — until his career as an assassin comes nipping at his heels.

The story is often tragic but also hilarious, snappily-written and led by a great performance from SNL alumni Bill Hader. The show’s second season wrapped up last year, so expect a reveal for season three soon — you’ll want to catch up before the next season starts.



Image: HBO/Foxtel

This sequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen comic blew away every expectation it had. The series focuses on the racism and violence in Oklahoma following a large-scale superhero-inspired rise in vigilante crime. It’s a tense, extremely relevant thriller with more than enough weirdness and intrigue to keep the show constantly surprising.

Watchmen was designed as a limited series and it’s unlikely the show will continue after its first run — but what we did get is simply spectacular. It’s well worth watching for any superhero or action fan.


The Leftovers

Image: HBO/Foxtel

The Leftovers is often cited as one of television’s most underrated shows for good reason. While it’s not often talked about, The Leftovers is a unique and powerful drama that tells a deeply affecting tale over its three season run. The show follows protagonists Kevin Garvey and Nora Durst as they navigate a world devastating in the wake of a Rapture-like event. It can be crushing, but retains a humorous and heartfelt edge as it explores what it means to be ‘left behind’.

There’s also a running Jesus narrative, a hotel that only exists in dreams, the threat of an oncoming apocalypse and an entire season that takes place in the wilds of Australia. The Leftovers is stunning, and should definitely be on your list.



Image: FX

Atlanta is awesome. The show follows college dropout Earnest Marks as he takes over his cousin’s dreams of kickstarting a prolific rap career. It’s eccentric and delightful, and features fantastic performances from its entire main cast. It also tackles important issues not often given air on mainstream TV, including racism, poverty, the impact of social media and gender intersectionality.

Every episode is a genuine surprise, with riffs on popular horror films, modern celebrities and the cultural importance of rap music. Atlanta is home to some of the most endearing and well-written characters on television, and it’s not hard to fall in love with the show.


Image: Hulu

Devs is one of the newer shows on this list, premiering on American streaming service Hulu in early 2020. It follows a software engineer as she investigates the death of her boyfriend following his start at a mysterious tech division known as ‘Devs’. It’s aesthetically gorgeous and features a poignant exploration of what it means to be human. While the show is relatively slow, its unique ideas and beauty keep the show consistently engaging and exciting.

It explores a range of tech anxieties that many of us have faced in the modern era, and explores the impact of Silicon Valley venture capital and our increasing reliance on technology in every aspect of our lives. Devs is a limited series and concludes at the end of its eight episodes, but it’s a fantastic trip all the same.


Doom Patrol

Image: DC Universe/WB/Foxtel

Doom Patrol is a weird show but it’s also very good. Taking place in the DC TV Universe, Doom Patrol follows a group of superheroic misfits whose powers are more hindrance than help. There’s Rita Farr, an actress whose body is made of uncontrollable slime. Co-protagonist Cliff Steele is a man whose brain has been transferred into a robot body. There’s Jane, who has dozens of alternate personalities (each with their own superpower) and Larry Trainor, who shares his body with an energy demon. The cast of Doom Patrol is a diverse bunch, and their tales are just as weird as they are.

The show follows their strange antics across America as they search for The Chief and his nemesis, Mr. Nobody. It’s weird, fun and very sweet as it explore the Doom Patrol’s burgeoning relationship. It’s very different to every other superhero show you’ve seen and well worth checking out.


The Americans

Image: FX

The Americans is one of FX’s most underrated shows. The show is a period spy drama that follows two KGB officers infiltrating American society during the 1980s and beyond. It’s slick, wonderfully acted and extremely well-written, making every twist and turn hit hard. While it’s action heavy, it also doubles as a deep character drama hinged on the relationship between protagonists Elizabeth and Philip Jennings.

It never faltered throughout its six year run, and remains one of the best shows of the modern television era.


What We Do In The Shadows

From What We Do in the Shadows.  (Image: FX)
From What We Do in the Shadows. (Image: FX)

What We Do In The Shadows is an American TV adaptation of a much-beloved New Zealand comedy flick from Taika Waititi — so it definitely had big shoes to fill. Miraculously, What We Do In The Shadows is excellent entertainment and just as funny as its film counterpart.

Starring an entirely new cast of characters, this comedy features four vampires and their familiar as they navigate the complications of modern life in Staten Island. Nandor, Laszlo and Nadja have excellent chemistry and their antics are legendary. Whether you’ve seen the film or you’re just in the mood for a good laugh, What We Do In The Shadows comes highly recommended.

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