A Virtual Star Wars Convention Will Precede The As-Yet-Uncanceled Star Wars Celebration

A Virtual Star Wars Convention Will Precede The As-Yet-Uncanceled Star Wars Celebration

While the coronavirus pandemic has effectively ruined this year’s convention season, that isn’t stopping ReedPop—the organisers of major cons like Emerald City Comic Con and New York Comic Con—from trying to bring people together this May through the power of the Force.

From May 4, you know that day, to May 5, ReedPop is hosting “An Online Revelry,” a digital gathering for Star Wars fans who want to come together to celebrate their beloved franchise. In addition to livetweets of multiple Star Wars movies and television shows spread across two days, Revelry will also feature live Q&A sessions with actors from the series like Ashley Eckstein and creators like author Charles Soule.

What’s interesting about Revelry is that rather than being centralised in any one given digital space, the convention will take place on the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channels of various ReedPop-branded conventions like NYCC and Emerald City Comic Con, the latter of which has already been directly impacted by the pandemic in the same way that San Diego Comic-Con was.

While the gathering’s obviously going to be free of charge, it’s worth bearing in mind that engaging in these sorts of things on social media does come with the cost of potentially having one’s posts spread far and wide across the internet in service of a brand. But if that’s not on your list of hard nos, then getting in on this sort of action might just be right up your alley.

ReedPop’s Star Wars Celebration convention, meant to take place in August, has not yet revealed a postponement. Perhaps this event is meant to test the waters for later this year. We’ll bring you more as we know it.

It looks Australians will be able to join in, you’ll just have to undertake the fun task of converting time zones to figure out when to tune in. To start you off, the Q&A with Ashley Eckstein will start from 3am on Tuesday, May 5.