The Fastest NBN Providers According To Netflix

I don’t know about you, but my long weekend plan is mainlining Netflix for four days straight, and I bet I’m not the only one. A Netflix binge is however one of the more demanding activities you can inflict on your connection, especially when you’re only getting up to get more gin. If you’re not confident in your internet, you may want to beefier plan to avoid slowly descending into buffering induced madness. These are the ones Netflix itself thinks are the best in Australia.

There’s more than one way to get an indication of how fast an NBN plan is. Providers self-report typical evening speeds, the ACCC publishes a quarterly report, or you could listen to what Netflix has to say. Each month, the streaming behemoth releases a “speed index” that compares prime performance across many of Australia’s largest internet providers.

Instead of measuring overall internet speeds, the speed index keeps track of how telcos perform when everyone is beaming content into their eyeballs during busiest hours of the day. These are still are a pretty reliable indicator of performance, however.

The most recent Netflix speed index results come from February this year. Before we look at the data, it’s worth noting some providers have their NBN and non-NBN performance split out into two different rankings. Others have their NBN and ADSL speeds shown as a single result.

Here are the full results from February:

And here’s a look at some plans from these providers:

Best NBN 100 plans with unlimited data

Unsurprisingly, Telstra has the most expensive NBN 100 plan out of the providers covered by the speed index, charging $110 per month. This plan is however only available to those with an FTTP or HFC NBN connection. All other connection types are restricted to NBN 50 speeds.

Telstra is hover throwing in a whole heap of bonuses right now. If you sign up before April 30, you’ll get a three-month free subscription to Foxtel Now. The subscription includes access to every Foxtel Now pack, which is valued at $104 per month. After your three months are up, you’ll be bumped down to the $25 per month “Essentials” pack unless you specify a different bundle or cancel your subscription.

Telstra will also waive the $99 connection charge for new customers, and you’ll get your first month of service free. The plan is contract-free, but you’ll need to pay out the pro-rated value of the bundled modem ($216) if you leave within your first 24 months. That’s equivalent to $9 for every month you’ve got left in your 24-month term.

Optus, which ranks behind Telstra in the latest Netflix Speed Index, prices its NBN 100 plans at $105 per month, per month for comparison.

Aussie Broadband is just a sliver behind on the index but much cheaper at $89 per month. It’s easily the best value plan here.

Best NBN 50 plans with unlimited data

When it comes to NBN 50 plans, MyRepublic is the cheapest option out of the providers covered by the speed index, priced $69 per month. Plans from TPG and Dodo aren’t much more expensive, however, at $69.99 per month and $70 per month respectively.

Telstra is once again the priciest here, but you can get all previously aforementioned promos here on the telco’s NBN 50 plan. That includes the three months of Foxtel Now, the waived setup fee, and the first month free.

Most other plans from providers tracked by the speed index are priced between $70 and $80 per month.

Alex Choros is Managing Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website.

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