Kylo Ren Sure Does Murder A Lot Of People In This Star Wars Short For Children

Kylo Ren Sure Does Murder A Lot Of People In This Star Wars Short For Children

I mean, yes, he’s a villain in the context of the short. And it’s Star Wars, so it’s with a lightsaber and therefore nice and bloodless thanks to convenient cauterization. But still! Lotta impaling going on in this cartoon.

The latest short in Titmouse’s a prior episode that saw our heroes take the fight to the First Order. Except, this time, it’s, uh, time for the First Order to just completely own them?

Don’t get me wrong: it’s very cool. Like all these shorts, it’s animated gorgeously, and it’s full of a sense of kinetic action that has us continuing to desperately long for Titmouse to somehow find the time to just reanimate the entire Star Wars saga. I was especially fond of the moment where Kylo lightsabers one trooper so hard, said trooper’s entire body just vanishes into nonexistence in one frame:

Now you see him... (Image: Lucasfilm)

Yes, Star Wars is violent”it’s in the name. It’s not a new thing for these shorts, either: Boba Fett disintegrated someone in one of “˜em! But still, in the context of this literally being on a YouTube channel called Star Wars Kids, and being after The Rise of Skywalker”which asks us to now consider Kylo Ren not by his Dark Side title, but his true identity, the redeemed Ben Solo“there’s something a little odd about two minutes of him gleefully, furiously carving through the good guys.

We did it with Darth Vader, I guess. The kids will be fine this time, too. Hopefully.