GM And Honda Are Making Two New Electric Cars Together

GM And Honda Are Making Two New Electric Cars Together

Sorry, I meant “vehicles” in the headline. These will be vehicles of some type—probably a crossover and an SUV if I had to guess, though neither company said what Thursday—and they will be made in the U.S. and allegedly ready for the 2024 model year. GM is supplying the platform, while Honda is doing the interior and exterior design work, which is probably for the best.

The project was announced in a press release this afternoon, with few details and no photos of the cars themselves. The two companies have previously collaborated on batteries and on GM’s autonomous Cruise project, which we might see come to fruition in the next few decades.

The only details in the release beyond what I’ve already said:

As part of the agreement to jointly develop electric vehicles, Honda will incorporate GM’s OnStar safety and security services into the two EVs, seamlessly integrating them with HondaLink. Additionally, Honda plans to make GM’s hands-free advanced driver-assist technology available.

Further: Both of these cars will be for Honda, not GM, which has its own ambitious plan for electric cars in the works. This feels more like Honda wanted to save on some development costs, and GM’s platform, debuted last month, was good enough.

Aside from what these cars will look like, what kind of range they might have, how much they will cost, and if they will claim to be “autonomous,” my main question is whether these cars will be better than the Honda E, which is not coming to the U.S. but is the electric car I’ve been waiting for.

Since this is intended for American buyers I’m expecting to be disappointed. I’m expecting an electric CR-V, basically, or perhaps an electric Accord halfheartedly intended to be a “Model 3 killer.” The funniest result might be a brand new Insight. Anyhow, prove me wrong, Honda, and make something interesting, I beg you.