Developers Will Explain What The COVIDSafe App Actually Contains In An Online Panel

Developers Will Explain What The COVIDSafe App Actually Contains In An Online Panel
Image: COVIDSafe

In the two days since Australia’s new Coronavirus tracing app was released, questions having been flying around alone about how it works and how much privacy it actually offers. Issues with iOS functionality and the government not releasing the source code at launch has not helped matters.

Fortunately, some developers and IT experts have taken it upon themselves to tear down the app and take a thorough look at the code. And some of them are going to present their findings in a free online panel tonight.

The stream will contain detailed discussion about COVIDsafe and will touch on privacy, teardown of the app and a panel discussion. Attendees can also submit questions for the panel of experts ahead of the event. If you have any concerns or queries, now’s your chance to ask.

The panel will consist of Matthew Robbins, who wrote an excellent thread on his COVIDSafe teardown findings, and Geoffrey Huntley who has compiled a 60+ page document containing findings within the app. Huntley has also set up a public Discord channel where devs and other industry experts can discuss the app what they have uncovered.

Here’s a full list of the panelist and their areas of expertise, as published on the event page:

Troy Hunt

Troy is a long established security expert and consultant, and author of many training courses on the subject. Troy has previously been called to Congress in the U.S. to advise on web security, and is regularly quoted in international news media when an expert opinion is required.

Matthew Robbins

An IT guru, app developer, and founder of MFractor, Matthew not only writes apps but has also written tools for app developers, and is a regular speaker at IT conferences and events. His analysis of the COVIDSafe app has been referenced by news organisations, including SBS, ABC and The Age.

Geoffrey Huntley

Geoffrey is a well respected IT consultant with a skillset spanning multiple tech stacks. In addition to performing his own analysis of the COVIDSafe app, Geoffrey has also been documenting the findings of other experts. Geoffrey is an active open source maintainer, and is a fierce and vocal champion of the open source community.

Alec Tucker

Alec is an established app developer and founder of Obiquitech. He both speaks and and organises tech community events & converences in Sydney and around the world, covering topics including app development and security.

If you’re interested in the online event you can register through Eventbrite. It will kick off at 6:30pm AEST on Wednesday April 29 and you will be able to watch it right here.

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