US Reporter Caught With His Pants Down During TV Segment From Home

US Reporter Caught With His Pants Down During TV Segment From Home

ABC News reporter Will Reeve gave a report on the future of pharmacies from his home on Tuesday morning, as so many TV journalists are being forced to do during the coronavirus pandemic. And Reeve was truly living the dream, based on photos that are now going viral on Twitter.

While some reporters joke that they don’t need to wear pants now (and there are a lot of those jokes), it looks like one Reeve went through with it. The dude did not wear pants during his interview, which was broadcast to the world. The only problem, of course, is that Reeve set up his camera so that everyone could see him in his skivvies. The entire point of not wearing pants in these situations is getting away with it while no one is the wiser. That definitely wasn’t the case here.

Reeve was speaking with Good Morning America hosts Michael Strahan and Amy Robach about the ways that pharmacies like CVS are exploring strategies to deliver prescriptions via drone. But it’s safe to say that viewers were probably distracted by the fact that Reeve was just chilling on a chair wearing a suit jacket and no pants.

“I had to rewind it to see if I was seeing things correctly,” New Hampshire State Rep. Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien told Gizmodo via Twitter DM. “Then I wondered if it was No Pants Day, which is a weird thing in itself but I guess not.”

O’Brien posted a photo of her TV from the segment and told Gizmodo her video backgrounds during these “crazy times” are exactly the kind of thing she needs to be very conscious of as a politician.

“I’m a state representative and have to think about how backgrounds look when I am on camera so I may be a bit more sensitive to this than the average person,” said O’Brien.

The ABC segment aired a little after 8:00 a.m. ET, according to multiple photos taken by Twitter users, but GMA has not uploaded the video to YouTube or Twitter, as it typically does with these kinds of segments. It’s not entirely clear, but it appears that GMA host Amy Robach may have noticed the pants error, based on reaction shots that were posted to social media.

US Reporter Caught With His Pants Down During TV Segment From HomeScreenshot: Twitter

Either way, it’s the kind of moment that we’re probably going to see a lot more of in the next 18 months, as social distancing measures remain in place until a vaccine is developed to fight against the coronavirus. Reeve, who just happens to be the son of the late actor Christopher Reeve, did not respond to a request for comment Tuesday morning.

Again, a lot of TV broadcasters have been making jokes about not wearing pants during the covid-19 crisis. HBO’s John Oliver even recently put together a compilation of reporters and morning TV hosts asking each other if they’re going without pants during this time.

Reeve certainly isn’t the first to forgo pants in our new reality of Zoom calls and DIY television segments. But he might be the first one to get caught not wearing pants accidentally.

At least we think it was an accident. Again, Reeve hasn’t returned our request for comment. Maybe the dude is just really comfortable at home. And if that’s the case, more power to you. We didn’t see anything graphic. That’s just a guy who knows how to properly lounge, even while he’s “at work.”