Watch Aaron Paul And Evan Rachel Wood Discuss Their Experiences Filming Westworld Season 3

From Westworld Season 3. (Image: HBO)

There’s nothing so satisfying as being a fan of what you’re working on. Which makes it pretty fun when actors get authentically a bit geeky about their roles.

Which is exactly what Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores) and Aaron Paul (newcomer Caleb) do in this new featurette released for the upcoming third season of Westworld. Together, the two discuss their characters and how their paths intersect, all while finding ways to get really excited and geeky about Westworld.

Caleb, it turns out, is a construction world who crosses paths with Dolores, which leads to his life, as one might imagine, going wildly off the rails. And Aaron Paul apparently had a blast filming, constantly getting excited about what they were going to do and simply about being on the Westworld set, with Evan Rachel Wood pretty much just as thrilled. They talk the dangers of drone shots and what it’s like to film with the highest-tech methods imaginable. There’s also talk of a sequence in the season involving a car chase and a rocket launcher, which we get a brief glimpse of. Exciting!

Westworld returns to television on March 15th, on HBO.

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