This Land Rover Defender In Africa Video Is Jaw-Droppingly Gorgeous

Screenshot: Carfection, YouTube

After a feature story from Africa, a slideshow, and some Photoshop silliness I thought we were going to be done talking about the 2020 Land Rover Defender for a hot second. But then I caught Carfection’s 4K video from our Namibia trip, and it’s just too visually glorious. We need to talk about it.

Hosted by Henry Catchpole and shot primarily by Charlie Rose, who were in the same convoy of Land Rover’s Kaokoland Expedition as me, there are plenty of good automotive insights here. But even if you watch it on mute (sorry, Henry) this half-hour video has so many beautiful shots of Namibia, the Defender, and a few animals that it is 100 per cent worth popping on in a corner of your screen while you’re plodding away pretending to work.

Wait, what am I talking about. You’re probably not even at work! You can totally beam this over to your TV and crank it up.

You really should watch the whole thing, but definitely don’t scrub by the night sky shot (about 16:00) or the elephant clip (about 21:30). There’s even a Sir David Attenborough impression in there, which Henry’s oddly good at. Or do all English accents just sound evolved and authoratative to us Americans?

Screenshot: Carfection, YouTube

I’m not totally sure I’m onboard with Catchpole’s aerodynamically tight shorts, but he’s a terribly nice guy and he’s clearly a talented automotive writer. Regardless, the production value on this video is just phenomenal and it’s a great antidote to the stir-craziness so many of us are fighting in March, 2020.

Screenshot: Carfection, YouTube

A world’s still going to be out there when covid-19 is contained, and for the most part, watching things like this has helped me keep that in mind and stay excited about the future. And getting the hell back out into the backcountry!

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