This Excellent Art Show Is A 'Head' Above The Rest

One of the amazing pieces of art in “Heads Up!” by Matt Ritchie. (Photo: Spoke Art)

Get it? Because it’s all heads.

“Heads Up!” is the title of a joint exhibition by father-son duo Matt Ritchie and Miles Ritchie currently on display at Recess in San Francisco. The two artists tackled all manner of pop culture characters in their unique, bright, handcrafted style, bringing to life characters from comic books, horror movies, and so much more.

In addition to a ton of amazing wood sculptures, Matt Ritchie was able to paint on blank comic books and then get them professionally graded, making for truly unique, one of a kind mashups of original art, comic book, and collectible. Here’s a gallery of just a few pieces in the show.

And here are some more images of the show on display at Recess...

While the show is currently on display, the whole thing will go up online, and for sale, on March 12. Keep an eye on

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