The Invisible Man Is A Hit, But Its Director And Star Haven’t Talked About A Sequel Yet

The Invisible Man Is A Hit, But Its Director And Star Haven’t Talked About A Sequel Yet

With a $US29 ($44) million opening weekend against a reported production budget of just $US7 ($11) million, The Invisible Man is officially a hit. And, if you’ve seen the movie, you know it very much ends in a way that could set up a sequel. Those two facts seem to suggest a follow up could be coming, but when io9 spoke with the film’s writer-director Leigh Whannell last month, a sequel wasn’t just the furthest thing from his mind, he admitted to not even discussing it yet.

“We certainly have never talked about the sequel,” Whannell said. “Not even like, you know those moments where you’re relaxing and having a glass of wine and it’s like ‘What do you think about where this character could go?’ We haven’t even done that yet.”

The “you” in that quote refers to star Elisabeth Moss. And here’s where we ruin the movie so proceed with caution.

If there was a sequel, Moss would certainly play a major role. The Invisible Man ends with her character, Cecilia Kass, murdering her ex (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and stealing one of his invisibility suits. That would obviously suggest Cecilia could take up the mantle of “Invisible” Person moving ahead but, again, Whannell says he and Moss really didn’t even have time to talk about it.

“We’ve had this intense discussion about this movie and as soon as it was over, she went off to do another film,” he explained. “It’s this funny thing that happens on movies…where you have these intense short term relationships and then they just end. You go from zero to 100. And I didn’t hear from her because she was so busy making this film and we would text, but we went from spending every day together to now all of a sudden, I haven’t seen her. In fact, I just saw her for the first time in a while yesterday as part of the press junket.”

Since our interview, though, Whannell has signed a first-look deal with Blumhouse and teased that more Universal monsters could be in his future. “I’ll never tell,” he tweeted in response to the claim.

Of course, the operative word in “We haven’t even done that yet” is “yet.” So maybe those sequel talks have happened by now or maybe he’ll start looking at other monsters to adapt. But it seems unlikely that Moss’s character will simply go from The Invisible Man to becoming the Invisible Woman, especially since Elizabeth Banks is working on a movie with that title, which is unrelated to this. Then again, this is Hollywood, you never know…

The Invisible Man is now in theatres. But hopefully you know that cause you just read how the movie ends.

Editor’s Note: This article has the US release date. We will update this article as soon as possible with an Australian release date, if available.