The Cast Of Watchmen Become The ‘Washmen’ In This Pandemic PSA

The Cast Of Watchmen Become The ‘Washmen’ In This Pandemic PSA

You’ve watched the Watchmen, now wash like the…washmen?

The cast of HBO’s excellent reimagining of Watchmen has joined forces for a timely PSA, bringing together characters from different planets, planes of existence, and sides of the law to make a video urging fans to wash their hands. The reason, of course, is simple: Thorough hand washing is one of the best defences we all have against the spread of covid-19, and if it takes actors from an excellent superhero show to hammer that point home, so be it.

Oh, and watch out for a subtle acknowledgment of one of season one’s biggest mysteries. Thanks to series producer Jeff Jensen for the video.

So there’s the video. And it’s great. But did you put together that Dustin Ingram, who played Agent Petey, used the word “lubricate”? Did his cheeky smile not tip you off? Though his online diary all but confirmed it, it seems pretty clear Petey was, indeed, the notorious Lube Man. Ah, Lube Man, a true hero in the battle against coronavirus.

If you haven’t watched HBO’s recent Watchmen show, what’s holding you back? Do it this weekend. It’s incredible.