Sexy Sax Man Poster Exists, World Not Such A Bad Place

Sexy Sax Man Poster Exists, World Not Such A Bad Place

We’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news. The bad news is, the poster you are about to feast your eyes on sold out today. The good news is, this poster exists and almost a hundred people paid money to buy it. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all.

Cheekily timed to the release of the KJ Apa film of the same name (which has, as far as we know, nothing to do with saxophones or vampires), Bottleneck Gallery released a print called “I Still Believe” by John Keaveney. If you’re wondering why we’re writing about a sold-out print of a beefy man with his shirt off wailing away on the sax, may we direct you to this link:

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As well as this link:

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Of course, this poster is from the iconic moment in The Lost Boys where a Triple H doppelgänger played by actor Tim Cappello plays the sax on the Santa Carla boardwalk for a bunch of vampires and comic book collectors. In other words, the best scene in the movie. Here’s the artwork in all its glory:

“I Still Believe” by John Keaveney (Image: Bottleneck)

Like we said, the poster sold out today. But there’s always eBay and maybe the artist will have some additional copies. Or you can just save that image and make it your phone wallpaper. You know you want to.