Red Dwarf TV Movie, The Promised Land, Gets A Trailer And A Fancy Ass Poster

Red Dwarf TV Movie, The Promised Land, Gets A Trailer And A Fancy Ass Poster

Last year Dave (the channel, not your Dad’s friend) announced that Red Dwarf would be returning with a brand new TV movie that’s set to take up about two hours of airtime. Now we know that the movie is set to be called The Promised Land and will be airing on the channel sometime next month. Oh and there’s both a trailer and a poster to go with that news.

The trailer was actually released last week, but we were too busy prepping for the coronavirus lockdown to notice, but thanks to the release of a new poster this morning it gives us an excuse to fix that unfortunate mistake.

It looks pretty spectacular from a Red Dwarf perspective, which has generally had the special effects budget of a primary school nativity. The description also confirms that the thing is 90 minutes long, which is about two hours when you account for ad breaks.

And here’s the poster, which wouldn’t look amiss in front of a Star Wars or Marvel movie screening:

The main four from the past few series are returning, as is Norman Lovett as Holly – a character that was relegated to a brief guest stint for one scene of Series XII. Hopefully he has a bit more to do this time around.

Evidently this movie is set to include a fleet of the Cat race, a race that hasn’t been seen since the death of the cat priest in Series 1 all those years ago. The plot has something to do with Lister, aka cat god Cloister the Stupid, promising to help three cat clerics that are being hunted by Rodon – a feral cat leader who sees himself as the one true cat god.

Being Red Dwarf you can also assume there are plenty of shenanigans going on throughout that whole process. An exact broadcast date hasn’t been announced, but since it will go out next month we don’t actually have to wait that long. [Radio Times]

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