John Krasinski Now Has A YouTube Show For Good News Only

John Krasinski Now Has A YouTube Show For Good News Only
Image: YouTube

In a world that is inundated with terrible coronavirus news every day, good guy John Krasinski (The Office, Jack Ryan) has started a news show that is dedicated to positive stories. Oh and Steve Carell shows up.

Set against a backdrop created by Krasinski’s daughters, the former Jim Halpert dedicates the 15 minute program, titled Some Good News, to heart warming stories that have come about during the coronavirus crisis.

The ‘studio’ is basically just the actor’s loungeroom, the sign and a spinning globe. It’s incredibly sweet.

Some of the stories Krasinski highlights includes the appreciation of health care workers who are putting their lives at risk, Italians singing from their balconies while in quarantine and a bloke who bought 100 lobsters to support the local industry.

The first episode of the show happens to coincide with the 15 year anniversary of The Office. To celebrate, Steve Carell rolls up as the show’s Entertainment Correspondent.

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Carrell and Krasinski spend some time chatting about some of their favourite and funniest moments of the show – which is incredibly sweet.

I was personally happy that this conversation opened with my favourite episode – Dinner Party from season 4. Sadly, That One Night by Jan’s assistant Hunter was not played.

While we don’t know how regular Some Good News will be, but Krasinski did say he will be uploading more videos to the channel.

As journalists, we’re tasked with the responsibility of delivering important news to the population. It’s our duty and not one that should be taken lightly.

But when we’re actively living through a relentless and long-term moment in history where every day puts more weight on everyone’s shoulders, its perhaps equally important to engage in something that makes us smile. A small ray of digital sunshine and hope amongst the darkness.

Thank you for this, John.