Diego Luna Is Haunted By His Thirst For Jabba The Hutt

Jabba, what a hunk. (Image: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Once upon a time, on the press tour for a little-known film called Rogue One, actor Diego Luna expressed a desire. A forbidden desire. Since then, he has not known peace.

Recently, Diego Luna appeared on The Tonight Show with dread hosting machine Jimmy Fallon to promote Narcos: Mexico, but of course Fallon just wanted to talk Star Wars. As Luna is slated to star in a Cassian Andor-centric prequel to Rogue One, he has a lot going on but absolutely nothing he can talk about. Thus, most of the interview is various joking and dancing around the fact that, no, Luna really can’t say anything. Fallon even goes so far as to ask about the rumoured production name for the project, White Snake, which Luna doesn’t even seem to recognise.

But then Luna shares a story. A drama, really, of the struggles that come with revealing unsaid truths. Truths like: Jabba the Hutt. Sure would be interesting to touch him, yeah? Bet he’s packing some interesting textures up in that mob don snail body of his. Luna explains how, when on tour for movies with heavy spoilers like Rogue One, you’re pressed to find things to talk about, which led to him revealing his darkest curiosities about the physique of Jabba the Hutt.

It is a decision, Luna says, that he has come to regret. Because now no one will leave him alone about Jabba the Hutt. Fallon plays a series of clips of Luna being pressed to talk about Jabba in a number of interviews, and he explains how he now has a ton of Jabba memorabilia, and how people keep referencing the idea—that now he has gone from curious about Jabba to, in the eyes of the world, absolutely in love with Jabba the Hutt.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But let the world know: Diego Luna is not in love with Jabba the Hutt. He just... he just kinda wants to touch him. And that’s valid.

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