Ashley Eckstein Talks Completing Story Arcs And The Unrelenting Goodness Of Ahsoka Tano

Ashley Eckstein Talks Completing Story Arcs And The Unrelenting Goodness Of Ahsoka Tano

The final season of The Clone Wars is giving something fans of Star Wars’ animated sector aren’t fully used to having: closure. And with it comes, blessedly, more Ahsoka Tano.

“When Ahsoka walked away from the Jedi Order at the end of Season 5, that was never meant to be the end of Ahsoka’s storyline,” Ashley Eckstein, the voice actress behind Ahsoka Tano, told Syfy Wire recently. Which is known information: the cancellation of The Clone Wars was a tragedy, which is why this final season feels like such a welcome, warm thing. But for a long time, Ahsoka walking into the sunset was the end of one epoch of her life, the clearest glimpse fans got of her arc on screen. It’s worth remembering that this wasn’t how it was supposed to be.

In her interview, Eckstein promised that this season would bring that arc to where it was initially supposed to end.

“But these next eight episodes that you’re gonna see will wrap up Ahsoka’s storyline in The Clone Wars. So I can’t say much, but it’s definitely giving our girl her proper ending for the series,” she said. “I also wanna be careful and say post these next eight episodes, even I don’t know what happens.”

We have some idea, though, as Rosario Dawson has been confirmed to play Ahsoka in some manner of appearance on The Mandalorian’s second season. Is this going to be a cameo, a one-off, or something bigger? Will Eckstein be involved via voice, the way Sam Witwer was when Darth Maul appeared in Rogue One? Will it progress the broader arc for Ahsoka that Dave Filoni no doubt has planned, the one teased in Rebels’s finale? Absolutely no idea.

[Tiya Sircar, the actress who plays Sabine Wren, and I] both bug Dave [Filoni] saying that we would love to find where Ahsoka and Sabine are and where Ezra is,” she said. “Maybe we’ll get that series, but again, your guess is as good as mine.”

It wouldn’t be beyond precedent for Ahsoka to get a major arc in someone else’s show—after all, that’s precisely what happened in Rebels— but it would be nice to see her get the starring role for once, in something.

Eckstein also talked about Ahsoka as a character, and how inspiring she finds her in these difficult times. She explained that there was one line in particular that she recorded for Ahsoka in The Clone Wars that stuck out to her, so much so that she broke the rules against keeping scripts to take a screenshot of it.

“The line, we heard it a little differently in the trailer, but when I recorded it the line was: ‘In my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them no matter what. I guess that’s just who I am.’ Like I said, it resonated with me… I think that resonates with all of us right now, and I think we can all make that our personal motto.”

It’s true. We could all use more Jedi morality in our lives. Or, well, ex-Jedi, in Ahsoka’s case.