Uber Comfort Has Quiet Mode Now So You Can STFU Without Losing Your Rating

Uber Comfort Has Quiet Mode Now So You Can STFU Without Losing Your Rating
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This week Uber announced some new features for Uber Comfort, including a quiet mode if you need a bit of shush.

Quiet Mode will allow Uber Comfort riders to request a quiet (or talkative ride) in advance, which is good news for anyone who may need to work, take a call or just need a little privacy. If this sounds familiar it’s because the option was already available to anyone booking a ride through Uber Premium.

Quiet Mode joins two other new features – temperature control, where you can pick the temperature of the ride, and extended wait times. This means that drivers will wait foe up to 10 minutes rather than the standard 2 minutes.

If you haven’t used or even heard of Uber Comfort before, we’ve got your back:

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What is Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is a service that allows you to pay more to access more options for their ride.

Uber Comfort Features

This is what you get with Uber Comfort:

  • Extended Wait Times: Drivers wait up to 10 minutes.
  • Quiet mode: Choose in advance whether you’re looking for a quiet ride or a chatty one.
  • Temperature control: You can request your ideal temperature in advance ” choose between warm, hot, cool, or cold.
  • Experienced Drivers: Drivers available for Uber Comfort will have a minimum rating of 4.85 and at least 500 trips logged on the Uber app.
  • Newer Cars: Yiu can request a car that meets consistent vehicle make and model standards from 2013 onwards.

Members of Uber Rewards will also get 2 points per eligible dollar on Uber Comfort Trips. Uber Gold member will get up to 10 per cent off one Uber Comfort trip every month.

Uber Comfort price

While exact costs will vary per ride, Uber Comfort generally comes in at 1.2x the cost of UberX.

Uber Comfort Eligibility

For Uber drivers to offer Uber Comfort they need to have completed at least 500 trips, maintain a minimum rating of 4.85 and drive and eligible model vehicle from 2013 onwards.