The Church Of Scientology’s Superbowl Ad Is Real Creepy

The Church Of Scientology’s Superbowl Ad Is Real Creepy

The Superbowl is in full swing, which also means the funny, delightful and just plain cooked ads are also being unleashed on the world.

Apparently the Church of Scientology was keen to market to millions of viewers, releasing a quick-cut ad that could easily be mistaken for a season of American Horror Story.

The primary message of ad is that the world is full of distractions and that “it’s time to rediscover the human soul.”

It cuts together a pastiche of clips, ranging from the news, people messing with a Ouija board and crystal ball and people working out. All the while a movie-guy style voice expands on this rediscovery of the soul.

“Not the mystical, the metaphysical or the supernatural. We’re talking about the source of your abilities, motivation, your vitality. The thing that makes you, you.”

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It also shows video of technological advancements and medicine that are referred to as “dreams of convenience” before offering up the church as the place to find yourself.

Something about this ad just seems off in general. Having a not-so-subtle dig at science, technology and medicine is weird enough, but perhaps more questionable is how the dearth of allegedly documented bad practices at the hands of the church doesn’t really matter to broadcasters when that much money is on the table. But to be fair, there’s probably some freedom of speech and discrimination laws that would come into play if anyone tried to block them.

Anyway, feel free to check it out for yourself. And keep your eyes peeled for the lead actress who looks so much like Gal Gadot I did a double take.