Tesla Isn’t Selling Its Solar Roof In Australia Yet, Sorry

Tesla Isn’t Selling Its Solar Roof In Australia Yet, Sorry

Earlier this week there were reports of Tesla’s Solar Roof becoming available to purchase in Australia. This was a result of purchase buttons going live on the company’s Australian website… and they’ve now disappeared.

The ability to order Tesla’s Solar Roof seems to be have been first spotted by an enthusiast on Twitter who detailed the sizing availability and deposit price.

It was backed up by some other users, one of whom took a screenshot of the order page.

If you visit the site now, these buttons have disappeared. However, you can still enter some personal details to make a reservation.

If you pop your details in a confirmation email will then be sent, stating that you will be contacted once installations begin. Unlike what customers had described when the order buttons were live, no down payment was asked for and there was no option to choose a small, medium or large package.

While pre-orders for the Solar Roof have been available in Australia since 2017, it looks like Tesla is gearing up to actually start shipping the product in the near future.

Even before the order buttons were removed from the Australian site, it was unclear what the timeline of delivery or exact pricing would be. However, as we have reported previously, it’s not like to be cheap.

However, there have been indications that Tesla has been gearing up for expansions sooner rather than letter. V3 of its Solar Tiles were released back in October 2019, with previous iterations being released for the past several years before. It’s even been available for pre-order in Australia since 2017.

Elon Musk also tweeted about international expansion On February 16.

Over the past few years the Tesla Solar Roof has only been available for installation in a handful of U.S. states, with the majority of the focus being on California.

Hopefully we’ll find out what Tesla’s plans for the Solar Roof are for Australia soon. Gizmodo Australia has reached out to Tesla for clarification around an Australian release and the order button removal.