River Song And Captain Jack Are Teaming Up For A Doctor Who Audio Adventure

River Song And Captain Jack Are Teaming Up For A Doctor Who Audio Adventure

Fresh off his surprise cameo in the latest season of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who, Captain Jack Harkness is heading out on a new voyage in the latest audio adventure series from Big Finish. Anybody who’s eager for a certain Doctor Who pairing will be in luck because guess who’s coming aboard? “Hello, sweetie.”

According to a press release, the Doctor Who audio saga is continuing with the third volume of The Lives of Captain Jack, a spinoff series that started in 2017 about Captain Jack’s adventures throughout space and time. John Barrowman, who recently reprised his role in the standout “Fugitive of the Judoon” episode, is back as the hottest Time Agent this side of Doctor Who and Torchwood. Considering he’s not expected to return to Doctor Who this season, it may be the only way to get your Captain Jack fix until season 13.

Barrowman will be joined once again by Camille Coduri, reprising her role as Jackie Tyler as she has in previous installments. But this volume also features a new Doctor Who appearance: Alex Kingston is back as River Song, in what Kingston called one of the most-demanded crossovers she’s ever received at Doctor Who conventions. Why is that? According to Barrowman, it’s because the characters are so eerily similar.

“It’s like Jack is the male River and River is the female Jack. There are all sorts of comparisons in their behaviours and how they react. The verve and vivacious passion they have for solving problems, getting to the heart of the action and adventure. The determination to get what they want, but also the sadness behind both of their eyes,” he said in a statement.

According to the plot descriptions, the latest volume starts with Captain Jack taking Jackie on a “luxury cruise,” but things get turned backward once River comes into the picture—literally, because you know, the whole time travel thing. The Lives of Captain Jack Volume 3 comes out in March.