One Of The Very Best Batman Movies Gets A Worthy, Gorgeous Poster

One Of The Very Best Batman Movies Gets A Worthy, Gorgeous Poster

Everyone’s always arguing about Batman. Who played him best? Whose costume was the best? Who had the most supple Bat-lips? It never ends. Then, of course, there’s the debate over which Batman movie is the best. Is it The Dark Knight? The 1989 Tim Burton version? The 1966 Adam West film?

All are worthy choices but another contender is, surely, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. as a whole is unquestionably one of the best Batman interpretations out there, and when that version got brought to the big screen the results were awesome.

The results were also awesome when Grey Matter Art teamed up with artist Bruce Yan to make a poster for the film. Yan captures the mystique and tone of Mask of the Phantasm in a familiar, yet majestic image that makes you want to frame it on your wall or put on a suit and fight crime. Either way.

The poster is a 24 x 36-inch screenprint available in two editions. The regular is an edition of 125 and costs $US45 ($68), and the red foil variant is an edition of 90, costing $US65 ($98). They both look like this except one is on paper and the other is on red foil so it shimmers.

Mask of the Phantasm by Bruce Yan. (Image: Grey Matter Art)

Now that, my friends, is a Batman poster.

It goes on sale February 28 on Grey Matter Art‘s website.