Influencer Arrests, Sea Eagles Torturing Bats And HIV Drugs To Treat Coronavirus: Best Gizmodo Stories Of The Week

Clockwise from top left: Getty, Getty, Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo) and Benjamin Currie (Gizmodo). (Image: Various)

I don’t know about you all, but I never win anything when I enter Instagram giveaways or contests. I’ve often wondered if anyone really does or whether they’re all scams. Although I don’t know the answer to that question, I do know that there’s now at least one less scammer on Instagram.

This horrid scammer’s tale was one of many great Gizmodo stories we had this week. In that story, we learn that the scammer and her associates, who had hundreds of thousands of followers, stole more than $US1 ($2) million from people on the social media platform. Just learning how it worked made me raise my eyebrows at the shadiness of it all.

However, the Instagram scammers weren’t the only jerks we covered recently, although this next one isn’t human. Researchers recently published a paper on a nasty white-bellied sea eagle that tortured a flying fox bat by repeatedly dropping it into the ocean in Malaysia. Apparently, this isn’t a one-time event, with the locals saying that the sea eagles do this regularly.

In other matters, we also covered an important story that explains why HIV drugs are being used to treat the new coronavirus. Scientists believe that since the new coronavirus is made out of RNA, like HIV/AIDS, the drugs that are used for HIV/AIDS could be an effective treatment. This is because many of the drugs used to treat HIV and the hepatitis C virus target weaknesses found in all sorts of viruses.

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