We’ve Got A Launch Date For The Huawei P40

We’ve Got A Launch Date For The Huawei P40
Image: Evan Blass

Huawei’s been having a rough old time of it lately, but that hasn’t slowed down the release schedule for the latest in its P-series line of super-mega-camera phones, the P40.

CEO Richard Yu has apparently confirmed that the launch date for the P40 range will be March 26, which happens to be the same date as last year.

The launch will take place in Paris, no doubt resulting in lots of impressive photos of close-up bits of the Eiffel Tower to show off whatever the phone’s camera features turn out to be.

According to GSMArena, Yu announced the date while taking the wraps off the new foldable Huawei Mate XS.

We’ve heard some rumblings about what the P40 line might have in store, but nothing definitive. According to Techradar, the P40 Pro might have five main cameras including a 64MP main lens and a 12MP telephoto with 10x optical zoom, plus a wide-angle lens, 3D depth sensor and macro lens for excellent close-ups.

That certainly seems to agree with this image from reliable leaker Evan Blass:

We’ve also heard there might be some interesting pixel trickery going on to vastly improve low-light shots. The P40 Pro is also expected to have 5G.

As for aesthetics, Blass says there’ll be a ceramic variant, and includes alleged images of the whole Pro handset:

We’ll be interested to see how many phones Huawei is including in the P line at launch: there’s usually the main phone and a Pro version, but sometimes there’s a Lite and a Pro Premium ” though they might come later in the year.

Of course, the downside of the new line will likely be a complete lack of Google apps ” and the company has warned against sideloading them to get around it. Whether that’ll be a dealbreaker for the P40 remains to be seen ” roll on 26 March. [Techradar]

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