How To Watch Parasite In Australia

parasite how to watch australia

Parasite just made Oscars history by becoming the first 'foreign language' film to ever win Best Picture. Not only that, it also took out the Best Director and Best Original Screenplay categories.

If you're wondering what all the fuss is about and want to watch it in Australia, here's how.

It's difficult to describe Parasite, because a regular synopsis really doesn't do it justice. In a nutshell it's a South Korean black comedy about an impoverished family that scams its way into working for a ridiculously wealthy, and trusting family.

The entire two hours is a symphony of tension-building that can't be tamed. If you think you have it worked out halfway through, you're probably wrong. And just when you think you can't take the build up anymore, you're satiated by a gloriously dark joke or a beautiful shot.

The director and co-writer, Bong Joon Ho, is a genius and I need to go watch everything else he's ever touched now.

Anyway, prepare yourself for a wild ride.

Sadly Parasite is yet to come to any streaming service, so you're going to have to rent or buy it.

How to watch Parasite through Apple

If you're running on iOS you can rent Parasite through iTunes for $6.99 or buy it for $19.99

How To Watch Parasite through Android

If you're running Android or an Android TV, you can rent Parasite through Google Play for $5.99 (SD) or $6.99 (HD). You can also buy it for $14.99 for SD or $19.99 for HD.

How to watch Parasite on YouTube

You can also watch Parasite on good old YouTube, where you can rent it in SD for $5.99 or HD for $6.99.

And if you haven't seen the trailer, you can watch it right here:

Parasite Becomes First 'Foreign Language Film' Ever To Win Oscar For Best Picture

Parasite just dominated the Oscars by becoming the first non-English film in history to win Best Picture. And it's about bloody time.

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