How To Watch Huawei’s New Product Launch In Australia

How To Watch Huawei’s New Product Launch In Australia
Image: Tegan Jones

Mobile World Congress (MWC) may have been cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped some companies from doing virtual press conferences.

Huawei has decided to do just that, and this is how you can watch its new product launch in Australia.

When is Huawei’s press conference?

Proceedings will kick off at 12:00am AEDT on February 25. For those in other time zones in Australia, the date will actually be February 2411:30pm ACDT, 11pm AEST, 10:30pm ACST and 9pm AWST.

Where to watch Huawei’s press conference

The live stream will be available on YouTube, which you can watch right here:

What to expect from Huawei’s press conference

You definitely shouldn’t expect the Huawei P40 from this press conference. As in previous years it will be announced in a separate event in late March. While the latest P-Series devices have launched in Paris in the past, it is currently unclear where it will take place in 2020.

You also won’t hear anything about new processors as Huawei tends to make its new Kirin announcements at IFA.

Despite MWC being a mobile phone show, Huawei tends to use it to launch new laptops, tablets and other assorted non-smart phone products.

According to a leak from late 2019 Huawei had a iPad Pro competitor in the works, so we might just see this shown off for the first time. We’re also expecting to see some more laptops added to its MateBook series of laptops.

As for actual phones, it’s possible that Huawei may announce something regarding its foldable Mate X. It was pegged to get upgraded before being released in Europe or other markets, though this may still be the case thanks to the U.S. trade ban.

We’ll know for sure what Huawei has in store for us in a few short hours!

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