Google Street View AI Develops Six-Door Jeep Wrangler

Google Street View AI Develops Six-Door Jeep Wrangler

We all know Google is up to all kinds of secret, shady things with their minions of AIs lurking all around us. Google smart speakers listen to us day and night, concocting new ways to sell us more laxatives and shoe insoles. We know that Google Street View has been mapping and imaging every inch of the Earth, but did you realised it’s also designing new cars? It is, secretly, and I can prove it, with this six-door Jeep Wrangler variant spotted in Massachusetts.

Clearly, what’s happening here is that the Google Street View AI servers noticed trends of automotive use and desirability, and using this data generated a vehicle it felt was a better match for the community.

Four door Jeeps are popular, as are three-row SUVs. Why not combine those two and add a whole unique feature, an extra set of doors for the third row? It’s genius!

Sure, maybe you think this is just an imaging glitch as the Jeep was driving by the Google camera car, but just look how good that B-pillar looks! Totally vertical! And the shape of the door isn’t just some repeat of the front or rear, it’s the ideal size and shape for a middle Wrangler door! This AI knows what it’s doing.

I also like the back seat dash, to allow an identically-dressed friend help with the driving, as we see here.

People have built six-doored Jeeps before, but the only example I can recall of a production-built passenger car with more than four side doors has to be the Checker Aerobus, an eight-door station wagon built and sold in the 1960s.

Really, that looks as much like a Street View glitch as that Jeep does, if we’re honest.

(thanks to Dan in Hingham!)