Explore Motor City Car Design With A Preview Of The Detroit Institute Of Arts Exhibit

Image: DIA

The history of automotive design owes a lot to the Italians, the Germans, the Japanese, and the design studios of Southern California. But Detroit has always had its own language that has been shaping automobiles for well over a century.

Part of that language will be on display later this year at the Detroit Institute of Arts where coupes and sedans spanning the past seventy years will show off Motor City design. Design drawings, sculptures, and paintings will accompany twelve vehicles, from the 1951 General Motors Le Sabre concept to the 2002 Ford GT Concept.

GM Firebird III (Image: DIA)

The vehicles are show cars, experimental designs, and iconic production cars like the Plymouth Barracuda.

The exhibit opens June 13 and runs for seven months, so if you plan on being in Detroit during the latter half of the year, be sure to make plans to check it out. Either way, enjoy this preview gallery.

2017 Ford GT (Photo: DIA)
Corvette Stingray Racer (Image: DIA)
71 Barracuda Front End Facelift Concept (Image: DIA)
‘61 Pontiac Catalina vs. Aerodynamic Streamlined Sedan (Image: DIA)
Toronado Proposal (Image: DIA)
Ford Mustang (Image: DIA)
Rendering of Proposed 1967 Cadillac Eldorado Design (Image: DIA)
Chrysler Chronos (Image: DIA)
Ford Nucleon Atomic Powered Vehicle (Image: DIA)
Lincoln XL-500 Concept Car (Image: DIA)
Elwood Engel Design for a Gyroscopically Stabilised Two Wheel Car (Image: DIA)
1960 Chrysler, Dave Cummins (Image: DIA)

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