Build-a-Bear’s Doctor Who Plushies Come With 2 Hearts, Which Melts Ours

Build-a-Bear’s Doctor Who Plushies Come With 2 Hearts, Which Melts Ours

The Doctor is in at Build-a-Bear, and not even a Cyberman could resist the overwhelming cuteness.

As the current season of Doctor Who draws to bear that doesn’t just have the show’s logo embroidered on one of its feet, but has two hearts sown on its chest to show off its Time Lord nature. Which is just downright adorable, but I also really hope it means that they get two of the little red Build-a-Bear hearts sown inside them when they’re stuffed. You know, for the utmost xenobiological accuracy.

From there, you’ll be able to dress up your bear as one of two incarnations of the Doctor (for now, at least). there’s a set of clothes inspired by the Tenth Doctor’s blue suit, first worn in the third season of the revived series, alongside his red converse boots, a plush sonic screwdriver accessory and even some 3D glasses for whenever your bear needs to detect particles of the void between parallel universes.

If you want your bear more up to date with the show, however, the Thirteenth Doctor is also getting a costume set, depicting her in her blue T-shirt and culottes combo, her brown boots, as well as giving her the coat to wear over it”which even has slits in the hood for the bear’s ears! The Thirteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver is also being turned into an accessory too, so she can join her fellow Doctor in waving a space-wand around with reckless abandon.

The bear will be available to buy as-is or dressed up completely as either the Tenth or Thirteenth Doctor, but if you want to go the extra mile, there’s also a special gift set that packages each little Time-Bear in their very own TARDIS-shaped gift box instead of the regular Build-a-Bear packaging. The cuteness at this point is just becoming unnecessary, frankly.

The Doctor Who bear collection is available exclusively online, and can be ordered from the UK Build-a-Bear website right now, with worldwide availability coming shortly.